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Bird Therapy note cards


Image of Bird Therapy note cards

This listing is for a set of 10 (5x7") cards and envelopes with 5 different images (2 of each design unless otherwise requested).
In this set :
Dr. Bulbul's family counseling.
Dr. Waxwing took a somewhat bohemian approach to psychotherapy.
Dr. Bulbul's group therapy.
No doubt, he was a cuckoo but Dr. Wood was out of his tree and a total quack.
While Carmine twitters on endlessly, Dr. Pyrrhuloxia thinks about her upcoming conference call & whether her jungle geranium needs watering.

Feel free to ask for all 10 of 1 design, etc.
These are also available as prints.
Shipped US Priority Mail within the US.
International orders shipped 1st Class Parcel with tracking.